Vibrations Follow Thought: My Autobiography-I listened to my heart and saw myself


Vibrations Follow Thought presents real time photographs which illustrate the effect of thoughts/words on the auric field. These thought vibrations manifest as colors in the auric field. By reading the colors in the aura around the head and body, as well as the size, shape and color of each chakra, a person?s traits, qualities, characteristics, and desires can be discerned. For instance, deep red in the aura above the head indicates a person who only believes that which they can see and touch; whereas indigo indicates a person for whom spiritual life is important and who desires to be of service to humanity. While Vibrations Follow Thought is not meant to be a manual for the interpretation of auras, the meanings of certain auric colors are described. The colors of the aura fluctuate and are influenced by our thought vibrations. Our thoughts, and the words we speak, have power. Vibrations Follow Thought provides visual validation, gathered over 15 years, of the powerful interplay between our thoughts and auras.

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Gonzalez Garza Drake’s sense of irony is evident in Vibrations Follow Thought. She presents revealing photos of her “invisible self” and yet claims to be an introvert who dislikes being the center of attention. She also enjoys roaming around Austin, Texas, in complete anonymity, even though her photo appears on the cover of her book. The following photo began her 15-year self-study. Her second book, The I Ching Companion is expected to be available the latter part of 2022.


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