Walking on Solid Ground: Footprints of a Young Woman’s Inspirational Journey


LeeAnn is a senior in high school when she discovers an alarming revelation: her self-image no longer reflects her desire for near-perfection. While desperately attempting to harbor a secret that is slowly debilitating her every day, LeeAnn remains in denial. Although LeeAnn struggles, she is not alone. Her close-knit Italian family, childhood friends, and others she meets along her difficult road become her stepping stones to self-discovery. But when her tumultuous coming-of-age journey leads her into adulthood, an unexpected chain of events and surprises soon cause her dreams to spiral into the darkness of uncertainty. As her career, marriage, and angelic visions of motherhood hang precariously in the balance, now only time will tell if the ambiguity surrounding her challenges will ultimately shatter her world or ignite her determination to set out on a brighter, more promising path. In this novel inspired by true events, a young woman with big dreams and aspirations encounters a tumultuous world of uncertainty where she must somehow learn to spread her wings and bravely walk through her struggles.

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Raine Anne was born and raised into a family of educators; earned a BA, MS, and postgraduate degrees in elementary education; and was an accomplished teacher for twenty-four years. Her writing is inspired by her desire to encourage others to attain their dreams despite their challenges. She resides in Freehold, New Jersey. Walking on Solid Ground is her first novel.


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