What Does God Do All Day In Heaven


The Bible is one of the most undervalued books ever written! Why do I believe this? Because I have personally experienced it. For over 25 years now, when I didn’t understand something…I opened my Bible & researched the topic. I didn’t read just one scripture …I read most of the scriptures in the Bible on the topic. We need to understand the “golden thread” running through the Bible. Reading individual scriptures will not teach you.

Also, early on, I discovered that the Bible used words and phrases that were hard for me to understand. In this book, present day language is used. Each chapter has an explanation of the term followed by supporting scriptures. My Bible is one of the true joys of my life. This book can get you started on a great journey!

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Vicki Case spent several years as a ghost writer for the Salem Family Ministry, traveled with the Oral Roberts Ministry reporting on crusades, & worked as the Magazine Managing Editor. She has been a Christian Educator for over a decade. She wrote this book to open the pages of the Bible to people everywhere describing the book as—simple yet filled with broadened knowledge about scriptures. It is her hearts desire to reveal the love, comfort and understanding of the Bible to people everywhere. There are over 250 Scriptures written using synonyms Tried to simplify and add clarity to words used in the Bible times. Perfect for anyone who wants to know more about the Bible and find answers to life’s questions.


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